「傘鶴 (さんかく)」の販売を行うオンラインショップです。
世界中から広島に届く折り鶴を細かく切って和紙に漉き込み、その和紙を使って和傘「傘鶴 (さんかく)」を作りました。​​
「傘鶴 (さんかく)」は、傘を開くように平和への願いを世界に広げ、日本の伝統美を未来に繋いでいきます。​​​​
世界にひとつだけの和傘「傘鶴 (さんかく)」をお楽しみください。

The “Sankaku” is a special Japanese-style umbrella symbolizing the wish for world peace.
It is made by using scraps of paper of the origami (folded-paper) cranes sent to Hiroshima from around the world that have been made into Japanese “washi” paper.
It not only serves as a symbol of peace but also embodies the desire to pass on traditional Japanese crafts and skills that are fading away in modern times.
The opening of a Sankaku umbrella serves as a symbol of the wish for peace spreading across the world and serves to express the essence of traditional Japanese beauty.
Be sure to enjoy a Sankaku, the only “Peace Umbrella” in the world.​​